OpenAI partners with Dotdash Meredith

OpenAI has forged a new partnership with Dotdash Meredith, the owner of popular publications like People and Better Homes & Gardens. This collaboration involves OpenAI licensing content from Dotdash Meredith for training its ChatGPT model, while Dotdash Meredith will utilize OpenAI’s models to enhance its ad-targeting tool.

This move comes after OpenAI faced legal challenges for allegedly using content without permission for training purposes. Dotdash Meredith CEO Neil Vogel expressed support for AI platforms compensating publishers for their content and ensuring proper attribution.

Prior to this partnership, OpenAI had also struck a deal with The Financial Times, emphasizing the importance of compensating publishers for content usage.

Dotdash Meredith, which owns various brands including Investopedia and Food & Wine, plans to leverage OpenAI’s models to bolster its D/Cipher ad-targeting tool, focusing on contextual advertising without relying on personal identifiers like cookies, aligning with the industry’s shift towards a cookie-less future prompted by Google’s initiatives.

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