OpenAI Explores Development of Search Feature for ChatGPT

OpenAI is reportedly venturing into the realm of search capabilities for its ChatGPT, potentially positioning the chatbot as a viable alternative to traditional search engines like Google. Bloomberg reports that the company is actively working on a search feature that would enable ChatGPT to scour the web for answers to user queries and present results complete with citations to their original sources. This development could significantly enhance the utility of ChatGPT by providing users with relevant information sourced from diverse online platforms.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the experimental search function being developed by OpenAI would allow ChatGPT to retrieve information from various sources such as Wikipedia articles or blog posts. When users pose questions, the chatbot could provide written responses supplemented with links to the original pages from which the information was sourced. Additionally, in certain instances, ChatGPT may also incorporate images into its responses, particularly when they are deemed relevant to the query at hand. For example, if a user asks for instructions on a task like “how to change a doorknob” or “how to clean a split-type AC,” the chatbot could include illustrated instructions or diagrams to assist the user further.

While OpenAI has not officially confirmed the development of this search feature, recent observations on Twitter/X indicate that the company may be actively working on it. DataChaz reported the discovery of a new subdomain,, which briefly redirected to the main ChatGPT page over the weekend. Although accessing the subdomain now yields a “Not found” message, this discovery has fueled speculation about OpenAI’s pursuit of AI-powered search capabilities for ChatGPT.

The potential introduction of a search feature represents a logical progression for OpenAI as it seeks to remain competitive in the evolving landscape of AI-powered technologies. With Google expanding its AI-powered search results and other players like Perplexity gaining traction with their AI-driven search engines, OpenAI’s foray into AI search could further solidify its position in the market. As the development of ChatGPT’s search feature unfolds, it holds the promise of revolutionizing how users access and interact with information in the digital age.

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