How to use the Screen Write feature with S Pen

Maximize your Samsung Galaxy device’s capabilities with the Screen Write feature and the S Pen. Seamlessly capture, annotate, and share content. This intuitive tool boosts productivity and unleashes creativity. Let’s explore how to use it.


Here’s how you can use the Screen Write feature with the S Pen on your Samsung Galaxy device:

Take out the S Pen: Push the S Pen inward to take it out. This will automatically open the Air Command menuAir Command on your device.

Select Screen Write: From the Air Command menu, tap on Screen Write. This will immediately take a screen capture of the content you were viewing.

Annotate the screenshot: After the screen capture, the S Pen annotation tools will open. You can now write, draw, or make notes directly on the captured image.

Screen write S Pen

Save or Share: Once you’re done writing or taking notes, you can save the image or share it directly from the Screen Write tool.

Screen write S Pen

That’s it. keep in mind that, you can only screen write with devices that support S pen. The Screen Write feature with the S Pen on Samsung Galaxy devices offers a convenient way to capture, annotate, and share content effortlessly. Whether you’re jotting down notes, highlighting important details, or sharing ideas, this tool enhances productivity and creativity. Remember to utilize it on compatible devices for an optimal experience.

Samsung S Pen: A Compatible and Convenient Stylus for Galaxy Users

Samsung S Pen is a stylus that lets you interact with your Galaxy devices in a natural and intuitive way. You can easily use it to write, draw, edit, and control your device. Whether you want to take notes, sketch a masterpiece, or take a selfie, S Pen can help you do it.

Samsung has expanded S Pen compatibility to more models than ever before. Remember to utilize it on compatible devices.

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